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Message from the KSNRE President


The Korean Society of New & Renewable Energy (KSNRE) was founded in 2004 and grown up as one of the most prestigious academic societies in Korea, focusing on new & renewable energy. This society has been working very closely with industry experts as well as policy makers with aim to promote technology innovation and industry growth.


The KSNRE may cover PV, Wind, Fuel Cell/Hydrogen, Bio-energy, Solar thermal, Geothermal, Marine energy, ESS, Smart Grid, IGCC/CCS and Renewable energy policy/strategy. Every year, the Asia Pacific Forum has been organized by KSNRE, attracting more 350 technical paper presentations and 600 participants around world. This forum may bring together renewable energy experts not only from Korea but also from around the world to discuss the state of the art of renewable energy R&Ds, policy issues, and showcases the latest in clean energy technologies, and explore the ways in which to pursue these clean energy goals throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.


We are living in one world. We should be one together to contribute to the transformation to a sustainable energy future.


Thank you very much.


Young-Ho LEE, Ph.D.

President, Korean Society of New & Renewable Energy